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Williamsburg Grand Illumination

On Grand Illumination weekend,  the wreaths at Colonial Williamsburg are put up by 12:30 PM.  It happens the same time every year, which is the first Saturday in December, that is just the start of the weekend festivities.  There are... Continue Reading →


Women in Civil War: Mentoring Weekend

Women's Contributions & Challenges of the Civil War: Mentoring Weekend Museum: DANIEL LADY FARM Where: GETTYSBURG, PA WHEN: JUNE 10-12, 2016 WEATHER: CHANCE OF RAIN My sister and I came across this event through some facebook friends and other facebook pages... Continue Reading →

150th Battle of New Market

My time at the Battle of New Market Battlefield for their annual Reenactment was worth it.  I left knowing a lot more about the battle than when I came.  I still have a lot more to learn about this particular... Continue Reading →

Fort Frederick, 18th Century Market

For those who are new to the hobby it can be overwhelming when it comes to clothing.  So do your research before going to reenactments and especially before you go to Fort Frederick's 18th Century Market Faire.  And of course remember... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Gettysburg 150th

Whether this is your first time going to an American Civil War reenactment or your fifth time there are few things you need to do first.  This will help and prepare you for any disappointments you may come across. PLAN... Continue Reading →

Military Through The Ages

If you are someone who is interested in living history or reenacting but aren't sure which time period(s) you would like to portray.  A Military Thru the Ages maybe the type of event(s) you are looking for. I first started... Continue Reading →

150th Antietam

This year marks the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Antietam.  What better way to celebrate the lives that were lost, than walking in their foot steps?  Battle Reenactments There were two battle reenactments held this year one during the... Continue Reading →

Where to find Events?

  Most recently I was asked "Where are all the living history and reenacting events??" There are tons of living history and reenacting events happening all around the world; the tricky part is finding them.  It can be perhaps sometimes... Continue Reading →

Around the Campfire

I love a good ghost story especially during this time of year. Granted when I was little I used to hate Halloween, but now as an adult I love it. Does anyone have a really good ghost story? Let see... Continue Reading →

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