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Costume Corner

Measurements Guide

When attending a costuming workshop it is a good idea to right your measurements before hand.  Provided below is a guide that explains the various different measurements needed to create clothing. References: Measurements Dress4 Dance | Tangerine Boutique |  Threads In Time |


Patterns of Fashion

Patterns of Fashion: The Cut and Construction of Clothes for Men and Women, C.1560-1620 by: Janet Arnold Summary: The cut and construction of clothes worn by men and women during the 1560s and 1620s.    A brief history, description, construction and patterns... Continue Reading →

Costume in Detail

Costume in Detail: Women’s Dress 1730 – 1930 by: Nancy Bradfield Summary:  Costume in Detail take you on a wild journey through time and class exploring women’s dress.  Illustrated by Nancy herself she describes various elements of the clothing to... Continue Reading →

Pattern Making Equipment

Basic Sewing & Pattern Equipment: * Muslim * Paper (sturdy enough to make your pattern) *  Scissors (they should be sharp) * Snippers (optional) * Seam Ripper * Hand Sewing Needles * Pins * Pincushion/Box (place to keep your pins)... Continue Reading →

What People Wore When

What People Wore When by: Melissa Leventon Summary: What People Wore When combines the studies of two classic nineteenth-century illustrators Auguste Racinet and Friedrich Hottenroth for the first time. Their works are presented first by chronology and then by subject,... Continue Reading →

Textiles in America

Textiles in America 1650 – 1870 by: Florence M. Montgomery Summary:  First published in 1984, this remains the definitive study of textiles as they were used in early American homes. The book offers an overview of textiles in America, based on... Continue Reading →

The Dictionary of Fashion History

The Dictionary of Fashion History by: Valerie Cumming, C.W Cunnington and P.E Cunnington Summary: – What is an earthquake gown? – Who wore eelskin masher trousers? – What did the word “dudes” mean in the 16th century?  A Dictionary of English... Continue Reading →

Costume Guild

Part of living history and reenacting is developing a good persona, but without the right attire you will not experience the period in its entirety.  Most living history museums offer volunteers and employees the chance to borrow clothing.  How do... Continue Reading →

Fashion during the American Civil War

One of the hardest things for new recruits is finding clothing whether it be buying it or actually sewing your own clothing.  You don’t want to show up wearing the wrong clothing, and appear as a farb reenactor at your... Continue Reading →

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